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Translate strategy into actionable plans

Our business began advising executive teams on strategy execution.  Still today, it remains a key aspect of what we do.  Today, the greatest opportunity and barrier to strategic advantage is digital.

Make actionable insights your driving force

Using data engineering methods, tools, and an advisory-led approach, we inject innovation into data reporting; to balance priorities with outcomes, actions with resources, vision with insight.

Hyper-automate with a hybrid cloud app platform

A hybrid cloud application platform lets you achieve HyperAutomation by building a tailored digital front-end and ecosystem for your business, one app at a time.

Build a transformative digital strategy

The role of a digital transformation platform is to automate processes that transform customer value into profits.

Take your customer experience to the next level  

A stand-out customer service experience is something every business wants.  NDMC has a 19-year track record of helping large enterprises to solve data engineering challenges no other digital agency can solve.  

Create a data-driven business culture

Source actionable insights to make decisions at speed and make decisions based on facts, not conjecture.  Through our data engineering expertise, we help organizations know themselves better.

TFL man in hard hat and safety west standing by a traffic cone road works planning

We helped Transport for London keep traffic moving across London during the 2012 Olympics

WBD for women by women text green image of a woman

We equipped WDB Investment Holdings, a bank run by women for women to scale in South Africa

street traffic congestion cars

We redeveloped Matisse, the core incident management and traffic information system supplying the West Midlands, UK

man looking at customer data platform

We built a tailored-to-fit Customer Data Platform (CDP) digital ecosystem for Overall Eesti

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