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 NDMC is a UK boardroom and digital strategy consultancy with a pioneering spirit. We work with leadership teams around the world to turn business dreams into profitable returns. Over 20-years, we’ve helped leading brands shape boardroom strategy, research customer audiences, launch products, build digital transformations, and activate plans. We have a proud reputation for always delivering projects on budget and on time; producing results that have grown an enviable client list.

Our experiences with technology development began in Local Government with the origination of a Business Intelligence platform used to align activities and budgets with strategic priorities and stakeholder aspirations.  In 2003, we became one of the first companies in the United Kingdom to develop No-Code Enterprise software to fast-track app development in support of digital transformations and business model change.  In 2009, we created one of the first Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) in Automotive Retail, and more recently in Office Equipment Sales and Service.  Our operations span the globe with offices and distributors in South Africa and the United States.

  Our passion

 Our international team of creatives, analysts, consultants and technologists come from a diverse variety of backgrounds.  What cements us is our passion to work in partnership with others to achieve above and beyond customer experiences.  Marketing today is less about sourcing creative ideas, more about method and technology.  It demands a different kind of partner; a provider that blends agency-like competencies with technology and advisory skills.  Solutions are forged through a blend of creative thinkers, strategists and nurds (people), game-changing methods (processes) and unrivalled code-less enterprise platforms that can affordably adapt to deliver better results.

How does a Cloud Application Fabric overcome data silos?

Let’s examine how a no-code cloud application fabric can transform how your business extracts value from data and help overcome data silos.

How to Avoid Data Spaghetti

Most businesses today operate more than 80 SaaS apps, making ‘data sense’ harder. What can be done to tame the data spaghetti?

How businesses can overcome the digital divide

Business leaders talk about having their finger on the pulse. But there exists a digital divide between winning businesses and the underdogs.

Powering curiosity—the data to make decisions

Every business needs data to drive decisions, but how do leaders create an information system able to keep up with their changing objectives?

Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Management is a term used to describe the operational management of systems and processes used for the purpose of building and maintaining relationships a business has with its customers.

What is Customer Lifecycle?

Your customer lifecycle sets out the phases of your relationship with customers. It should be comprised of four phases – seduce, engage, delight and expand. Read our guide to find out more.

What is Customer Experience Strategy?

Customer Experience Strategy is a plan of action designed by an organizational management team to achieve a customer experience that goes above and beyond that of its competitive rivals.

The Customer Experience: It’s Not Just About Closing The Sale

Discover how the real opportunity is fueling a customer-centric transformation that positions the business for financial health.

Prediction: The future of CX

The CX programs of the future will be holistic, predictive, precise, and clearly tied to business outcomes.

An Experience Renaissance To Reignite Growth

An experience renaissance is afoot pushing companies beyond the CX philosophy and organize the business to deliver exceptional experiences.

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