Business Design

It’s not always necessary to re-invent.  Fine-tuning works wonders to maximize the effectiveness of your organization and turn customer value into shareholder returns.

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What is business design?

It’s about re-visiting how your organization works.  Your customer value and business design are the two steps needed to scale your business.

Having established base-lines and taking a top-down approach to your review informed by customer insights and behavioral understanding, it’s possible to measure the potential gains of tuning your business.

What’s involved?

Once you’ve a clear picture of how your economic engine works and brings value to customers, the next step in transforming your ability to create shareholder value will depend on your unique circumstances.  It could be any one of the following activities:


Explore ways to simplify your business to maximize customer experience and returns including the building blocks that go to make up your current business model.

  • customer value proposition
  • sales approach
  • offerings
  • contracts
  • processes
  • organizational design
  • pricing models
  • channels-to-market
  • supply-chains
  • polices
  • resourcing approach
  • systems
  • Diversity

    Explore ways to diversify:


    • New products and services
    • New markets
    • New capabilities or operational skills

    Ways to iterate your current business plan, to achieve more with less:


    • Contracts
    • Channels to market
    • Systems
    • Capabilities
    • Scaling