Customer Data Analytics.

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Make data-driven decisions

What would it mean to have a finger on the pulse of your customer experience every day? The ability to place the customer at the heart of your digital strategy, so that you know everything about your customer there is to know from your data. Data Analytics is a key part of your Digital Transformation.  It offers the opportunity to achieve a step change competitive advantage through a maximized customer experience and the optimization of the front-and-back office. Rich data insights sourced through analytics present firms with almost limitless opportunities to re-invent their business model. Already, it’s believed that around 1 in 5 blue chip organizations are already operating or piloting Artificial Intelligence within their business, while a research report from McKinsey & Co suggests that up to 30% of job roles can be automated by known software robotic technologies.  Harnessing these technologies can sometimes appear unachievable due to their cost and complexity. Not so.  NDMC informs your business of its Digital Transformation possibilities.
Digital technologies you might be missing out on...
  • Mobile and Cloud Computing
  • Big Data
  • Sensor Networks / Internet of Things
  • 5G Telecommunications
  • Geo-Intelligence
  • Software Robotics
  • Virtual Reality
  • Blockchain
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Embedding or transforming?

    It’s easy for organizations to fall into the trap of seeing data anlytics and digital transformation as IT projects.  Several years of learning lessons from pathfinding projects suggest that it’s better to view the digital opportunity of your business ‘in the round’ as part of a Business Model re-evaluation led by the CxE team in consort with information and IT leaders.  Otherwise, the risk is that use of digital tech becomes just a slightly better way of doing the same old thing.

    Automate your business top-down, not from the middle, or bottom-up

    Technologies like software robotics equip organizations with the means to automate tedious tasks; removing up to 20% of manual data capture, re-keying, reporting, and re-purposing. But is that a good place to start automating your business? Does it make sense to tinker and tune when you can transform? Do the math.
    A 10% change in your business model can result in...
    • A 15-20% swing in the types of roles, processes and mechanisms you’ll need to support your business model.
    • A 30-40% reduction in the amount of manual data processing tasks you’ll need to operate.

    Powering curiosity—the data to make decisions

    Every business needs data to drive decisions, but how do leaders create an information system able to keep up with their changing objectives?

    Creating a Data Driven Culture

    We live in a data driven business world. How do you tap into yours?It’s thought Jeff Bezos was the first person to use the term Innovation Value Management (IVM) to describe data as a business asset based on its contributory value. If it wasn’t Jeff, then it was...

    What is Customer Data Analytics?

    Customer Data Analytics is the application of computer data harvesting, processing and analysis to source insights on customers. Learn more by reading our guide.

    What is a Customer Database?

    A customer database is a key data repository used by companies to manage their customer associated data. Learn more about it by reading our guide.

    What Is Customer Data Management?

    Customer Data Management is the discipline of managing the value of customer data.

    What is Customer Data Science?

    Customer Data Science is the use of data to develop an appreciation of customers, their challenges, touch-points, buying preferences, behaviors and metrics.