Know your customer value.

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Why Customer Insights Matter

Customer insight will allow your business to identify what matters most to is most valued customers and prospects; to make informed decisions.

Getting to know your customers isn’t as easy as it sounds. The first challenge is to determine what makes a profitable customer. It’s easy to have any insight on customers distorted by the ‘lens’ you’re looking through.

Sourcing insights on customers should be seen as a continuous operational process, not something that happens once every year.
Creating those insights requires knowledge of research methods but also a deep awareness of digital platforms and tools that can extract customer insight from day-to-day operations.


NDMC helps organizations to harvest customer insights in four ways:

When developing Business Models we recommend leaders hear directly from their customers to better understand their customer value. For this exercise, we normally interview customers with leaders in attendance to benefit from insights captured through an impartial interview.

We equip organizations to install mechanisms to review customer satisfaction at key points in their sales and implementation processes to ensure that customer feedback happens frequently and at the best possible moment when customers are engaged and happy to share their experiences.


We run research programs to capture answers to specific burning platform questions that aid strategic planning.

We supply made-to-measure customer insight platforms that harvest insights from operational systems to build a 360-degree view of customer insights.

Powering curiosity—the data to make decisions

Every business needs data to drive decisions, but how do leaders create an information system able to keep up with their changing objectives?

Creating a Data Driven Culture

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What is Customer Insight?

Customer insight is the understanding of your customer, based on their feedback, buying behavior, experiences, beliefs and needs.

What is Customer Data Analytics?

Customer Data Analytics is the application of computer data harvesting, processing and analysis to source insights on customers. Learn more by reading our guide.

What is a Customer Database?

A customer database is a key data repository used by companies to manage their customer associated data. Learn more about it by reading our guide.

What Is Customer Data Management?

Customer Data Management is the discipline of managing the value of customer data.

What is Customer Data Science?

Customer Data Science is the use of data to develop an appreciation of customers, their challenges, touch-points, buying preferences, behaviors and metrics.