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MARCH 2021

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Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Management is a term used to describe the operational management of systems and processes used for the purpose of building and maintaining relationships a business has with its customers.

What is Customer Lifecycle?

What is Customer Lifecycle?

Your customer lifecycle sets out the phases of your relationship with customers. It should be comprised of four phases – seduce, engage, delight and expand. Read our guide to find out more.

What is Customer Experience Strategy?

What is Customer Experience Strategy?

Customer Experience Strategy is a plan of action designed by an organizational management team to achieve a customer experience that goes above and beyond that of its competitive rivals.

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Prediction: The future of CX

Prediction: The future of CX

The CX programs of the future will be holistic, predictive, precise, and clearly tied to business outcomes.

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Digital Transformation is about leveraging digital technologies to transform customer value and experiences.

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Business Intelligence and Data Engineering is about leveraging data from across and beyond your enterprise to maximize your opportunity to be a data-driven enterprise.  Read articles…

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Customer Experience describes how able your organization create a service experience for its customers that goes above and beyond that of its competitors. Read the latest articles here…

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