Marketing Strategy

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Marketing is changing, but not completely

Marketing in 2020 is a battle to win communities, and it’s technology-enabled.  It’s difficult to win customers without engaging them on websites and social media; the places they go to learn something new, solve a problem, make a buying choice, or to purchase a great product, or the best way to get a job done. Yet, marketing is still about understanding who the customer is and why they buy.  Engaging customers in meaningful conversations and the ability to articulate a great story are key things to get right.  It starts with a purpose and a focus on trust-building.  NDMC is a pioneer in new ways of making conversation, telling storing, building engaging content platforms, and equipping sales teams to succeed. 

 Customer journey mapping

Customer journey mapping will visualize how customers experience your product or service, and how they feel along the way.  At NDMC, we created Conversational Marketing theory and conversational path mapping methods to help organizations to quickly establish the key stages in their customer journey.   Customer journey maps are much like personas. The difference being is that they focus more on tasks and questions. 

What is Customer Lifecycle?

Your customer lifecycle sets out the phases of your relationship with customers. It should be comprised of four phases – seduce, engage, delight and expand. Read our guide to find out more.

What is a Customer Journey?

A customer journey is the mystical (and often theoretical) journey a customer takes to purchase a product. Read this guide to learn more.