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Solving problems

NDMC Consulting is an information management software provider with a reputation for solving business challenges that no other IT company can solve.  We supply custom-designed and ready-to-deploy software solutions that improve processes, bring clarity to decisions and make workers more productive. We release the power of information held in data islands and install mechanisms to capture new data.  

With over a decade of proven results demonstrating an ability to deliver projects on time and under budget, and with many stories to tell, we help organizations to succeed by adopting software that maximizes the value of their people and data. Our business embraces a shared vision – that applications work best when they work together. In order to maximize the effectiveness and minimize the operating costs of applications, they need to be cut from the same cloth.

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Augmenting your business model

Every business is different.  How you produce customer value to create wealth, and how you differentiate your offer against rivals inevitably means the way you work will harbor some unique characteristics.  Sometimes, off-the-shelf software kills those differences by forcing your hand to adopt processes that everyone else uses.  That’s why we created ENCANVAS.  It’s technology that allows you to fashion automations simpler and at lower cost.  A codeless enterprise application ecosystem that’s able to deliver the business-continuity and data security you’d expect, in a form that allows you to experiment, prototype and execute ideas.  It’s the most economic and effective way to automate processes and augment your business model.  Pioneered by NDMC.

What is Customer Experience Strategy?

Customer Experience Strategy is a plan of action designed by an organizational management team to achieve a customer experience that goes above and beyond that of its competitive rivals.