Customer Data Platforms

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A Customer Data Platform (CDP) harvests customer data from across your enterprise and beyond to forge a rich single-view of data landscapes that yield a competitive advantage

Harvesting your customer perspective is never easy

Nobody can question the importance and usefulness of customer data. Increased automation brings new opportunities to capture insights through the many and various marketing channels and touch-points.

Customer Data Platforms embed customer insight capture and management into operational systems, making customer intelligence ‘part of the day job’.

The combined use of data-marts, rapid application development tooling and data visualizations offers management teams an unprecedented level of insight into the profiles, activities, behaviors and spend of customers.  This helps to identify areas for improvement and fine-tune targeting of the most profitable audience.


Customer Data Management Platform Features

Decision Engine

A Customer Data Platform feeds and nurtures a data culture at all levels of the business; providing answers to strategic questions and enabling people to be curious without high ‘cost of enquiry’, ask new questions and discover smarter ways of doing things.


Data Stories

Customer Data Platforms tell stories with data to bring it to life. This is helped significantly by the sourcing of clean, accurate data, intuitively presented by the latest data visualization and geo-location mapping tools that alert to events and presents the full life-cycle of processes.

Optimized Processes

Customer Data Platforms streamline processes resulting from a richer appreciation of how the business works and through the discovery of better ways to improve customer value and experience.

Fewer FTEs

Access to advanced digital technologies reduces the need for supervisory roles and data capture, processing, and keying activities.


Lower Overheads

An important aspect of digital platforms is their holistic approach to orchestrating business models end-to-end, reducing operational silos, and removing ‘shadow data’ created by spreadsheet-based systems and discrete single function SaaS products.

Data Transparency

Every stakeholder (including customers) enjoys greater transparency and the ability to do more themselves.  Capturing data at the source removes re-keying and vastly increases the integrity of data.

Case Story

In this series of case stories, we discuss how NDMC Consulting worked with Overall Eesti and Canon Europe to produce a digital platform (called CLIO) together with the Overall Eesti leadership team.

  • The first explains Overall Eesti’s market challenges and ambition.
  • The second describes how Overall approached the project and the options they considered.
  • The third describes the new tailor-made system created using Encanvas no-code application software that now brings an unfair competitive advantage to their business.
Sunset shot of the Overall Eesti office building on a waterfront
Overall Eesti main office building

Powering curiosity—the data to make decisions

Every business needs data to drive decisions, but how do leaders create an information system able to keep up with their changing objectives?

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What is a Customer Database?

A customer database is a key data repository used by companies to manage their customer associated data. Learn more about it by reading our guide.

What Is Customer Data Management?

Customer Data Management is the discipline of managing the value of customer data.

What is Customer Data Science?

Customer Data Science is the use of data to develop an appreciation of customers, their challenges, touch-points, buying preferences, behaviors and metrics.